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The Rapper

I am Vivin, the independent bilingual rapper from Chandigarh, India.

100% Vivin

I create Hindi + English rap records that are conceptualised, written, recorded, engineered, and executive produced by yours only. I also design, market, and sell records myself. Basically, apart from instrumentation, all my records are 100% Vivin. This is intentional. I want my audience to get records that are as honest and creatively controlled by me.

I launched my rap career with the release of 1. Lofi Thoughts in April 2021.

About my records

A south Indian (Malayali) growing up in northern India (Chandigarh) goes through all kinds of experiences, both good and bad. I have experienced it all, from culture shock to lifestyle gaps, doubt to faith, hate to love, drugs to scripture, debt to prosperity etc. I capture these experiences in lyrical narratives that are carefully curated on captivating instrumentations by renowned international producers. All records have dual intent, entertain and exhort. That is, I intend to create auditory experiences while encouraging my audience to level up in their lives.

Get all my music releases on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Download store and on this website.

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The Brand

Vivin is also the name of my brand.

I produce merchandise, products, and applications through my brand.

I also sell my music through my brand as an independent rapper.

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The Human

Apart from being a rapper and brand, I create content about things that impact my life as a human.

I talk about faith, life, culture, productivity, and solopreneurship.

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